Training Workshops in Estonia

Training Workshops in Estonia

Training Workshops: implementing of Marketing Tool Package in Estonia

Organised by: Eesti Invaspordi Liit / Estonian Union of Sports for Disabled – Project partner and START Association Poznań, Poland – Project leader.

Location: Tallin, Estonia

Date: 25-27 April 20222






1). Seminar “Current state of the Osmosis project” in the headquarter of Estonian Paralympic Committee in Tallinn.

– Power Point presentations – analysis, tasks performed and planned, discussion. Overview of project activities.

2). Arrangement and accomplishing of Osmosis Open Event in Estonia – guidelines.

3). Preparation for promotional event “Social inclusion of able-bodied and people with disabilities through sport” .

4). Practical Boccia workshops – meeting, explanations of rules, Q&A session and test games for members of EIL – Eesti Invaspordi Liit;



1). Project Partner from Estonia received sufficient information about the current state of the project, including current tools and Intellectual Outputs’ progress (tools available on Project OSMOSIS Google Drive space).

2). Project Partner is familiar with the details about organizing the upcoming Osmosis Open Event in its country – the main task for the last year of the project.

3). Project Partner received boccia sets and detailed information about boccia as a practical tool to work for social inclusion and integration of people with disabilities.

Erasmus+Sport Project “OSMOSIS – Harnessing the Power of Sports Marketing as an Innovative Approach to Increase Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities”, co-funded by the Erasmus+Programme of the European Union.