Next week (16-19.08) we are gathering in Wągrowiec, Poland to work well at the OSMOSIS project workshops, but we are also working every day on the content and the final shape of the organization’s textbook. Follow us!

We are about to start our second meeting of Erasmus+ Sport Project “OSMOSIS – Harnessing the Power of Sports Marketing as an Innovative Approach to Increase Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities” co-funded by Erasmus+Sport programme of the European Union.

Workshop for the Key Partners Staff is planned in Wągrowiec, from 16 to 18 of August 2019 and will be dedicated to work on important intellectual outputs of the project. The programme includes among others:
1. Summary about the press pack and other ways of communication with media by Project partners.
2. Assumptions about the Project manual (starter).
3. Discussion on SWOT analyses made by each partner.
4. Workshops on target groups of Partner organisations.
5. Discussion on what are the organisations’ main values they can offer to their recipients.
6. Information about how to create an organization’s brand.
7. Presentation, discussion and practical workshops on sponsoring.

After this meeting, all Partner organisations will have significantly better knowledge on the most important issues related to sport marketing they can use during and after the project lifetime for the development of their organisations and for better work with people with disabilities. They will also receive another tasks to work on them until the next meeting.