Know-how base for People with Disabilities’ organizations

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“Don’t tell me you can’t”

Promoting the sport of people with disabilities is crucial for our organizations. We want to inspire, give motivation to act, which is why we have implemented the "Don't tell me you can't" campaign with our Partners - the strength of the campaign is primarily...

A film, summarizing the OSMOSIS Project

We have finished our works on the OSMOSIS Project after several months of meetings, workshops and preparation of practical materials - Intellectual Outputs of this Project. We have managed to develop a database of necessary tools, while integrating our environment....

OSMOSIS Open Event and Summary Meeting in Poland

Project OSMOSIS tasks: Arrangement and accomplishing of Osmosis Open Event in Poland. The Summary&Evaluation Project Meeting in Poland. Project task: arrangement and accomplishing of Osmosis Open Event in Poland. Location: Rehabilitation and Leisure Centre...


OSMOSIS – Harnessing the Power of Sports Marketing as an Innovative Approach to Increase Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Osmosis is the process in which there is movement of area of a high concentration substance to an area of lower concentration. The idea of the our project is reminiscent of the process of OSMOSIS, but with regard to the mutual interpenetration of the sport of people with disabilities (PwD) and able-bodied people. The result of the project will be increase of social inclusion and equal opportunities for PwD.

By creating and developing a transnational network of 6 NGOs representing countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, FYR of Macedonia, Latvia and Poland) with relatively low-developed systems of implementing social inclusion, as well as with a low level of social integration and sport of PwD, we want to develop effective and modern methods of undertaking action in field of disability and sport of PwD, and raising awareness in the field of disability and the positive role of sport.

The most innovative nature of the project lies in the fact that we use modern marketing solutions. Sport marketing will be a base of collaborative partnerships of NGOs working dynamically in different areas of sport and disability.

Knowledge base

As intellectual outputs the Marketing Manual and Tool Package will be created – a package of standard tools based on marketing know-how, ready for quick adaptation and implementation by each Partner. The greatest value of the project is free access to materials that neither the Partners nor other organizations would be able to finance and construct on their own.