Project OSMOSIS task: Arrangement and accomplishing of Osmosis Open Event in Estonia

Location: Elva, Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre, Estonia

Date: 18th of July, 2022

Description and results:
On the 18th of July, 2022, in Elva, Taru County Recreational Sports Centre, OSMOSIS Project Partner from Estonia has organized an OSMOSIS Open Event during the Estonian Union of Sports for Disabled’s summer sports camp. It invited more than 110 participants from all over Estonia, as well as 12 volunteers.

Athletes and guests had the chance to get an overview about OSMOSIS Project, as well as gain knowledge about different parasports which can be practiced by people with and without disabilities together. All participants had a chance to try the game of boccia. Additionally, a mini tournament was held with 8 teams.

– 121 athletes / participants / guests, from which 83 were people with disabilities,
– 12 volunteers,
– 3 employees from the Estonian Paralympic Committee,
– 2 sponsors’ representatives.

More about this event can be seen by clicking here and here.