Project OSMOSIS task: Arranging and realizing the Osmosis Open Event in the Republic of N. Macedonia

Organization: Humanitarian Association for Help and Support of People with Special Needs “ Bravura Cooperativa“

Location: city of Veles (City Sports Center), Macedonia

Date: 05 June 2022

Description and results:
On June 5, 2022, in Veles, RS Macedonia, a Partner of the OSMOSIS project from Macedonia organized an OSMOSIS Open event during a local event “Sports Week” that started from May 30 to June 5, 2022. We organized the event on the last day of the final. About 124 participants from Macedonia were invited (cities: Shtip, Vinica, Probishtip, Delchevo, MchKamenica, Berovo, Veles, St. Nikole), as well as a volunteer.

In addition to the Boccia sport, the athletes also got the opportunity for a recreational part of Lake Mlados in the city of Veles, with professional and safe people to capture the moment of kayaking. The transportation was organized as a group, which did not limit us to stay for the awards ceremony, which was later in the day. The athletes in an integrated environment with young children from Veles also participated in other sports such as basketball and volleyball. The event was covered by local television and other electronic media and portals.

– 94 athletes – people with disabilities,
– 16 volunteers,
– 3 people from OSMOSIS Project Team,
– 2 media representatives,
– 4 representatives of sponsors,
– 2 people from medical services,
– 3 people from the Municipality of Veles.
– Larger audience.